We’re Open!

We’re Open! Please take a minute to learn our new guidelines and regulations set in place to help us safely navigate through this re-opening phase.

Give us a call to set up a tee time. Please remember we now take reservations in 15 minute increments, only four groups per hour. Our tee sheet is filling up fast, we appreciate your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Postponed Opening

Many people have been calling in to check for an opening date. As we were originally planning on an early spring season, we have ultimately decided to postpone the course opening until April.

We feel this is the best decision for our staff and our community in attempt to comply to the social distancing recommendations. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy through this pandemic.

Thanks for your understanding, we hope to see you all very soon in April.

Membership Special

Existing 2019 members can renew their 2020 membership with a 10% discount before November 12th, 2019.

Please note the 10% discount is valid if paid in full by cash or check, a 5% discount can be applied if paid in full by credit card.

Looking forward to a great 2020! Thank you!

Fall Membership Special

New member special! For the remainder of the season, pay $200 per person toward a 2020 membership and play the remaining 2019 season free!

That $200 can be applied for next year’s membership! Great deal for our regulars debating a membership opportunity! Ask the club house for more details!

Two Ball Results 2019

Congratulations to all our Two Ball winners! Special thanks to all who participated, we had a great day!


1st: Chris Ferriter & Ed Gareacik (64)

2nd: Carter Fasick & Jon Fasick (66)

3rd: Jesse Morgan & Jason Kelton (68)

4th: Chris Zukowski & Garrett Plifka (69)

4th: Steve Ethier & Mike Zaborowski (69)


1st: Jack Letourneau & Brian Deane (58)

2nd: Peter Blake & Brad Stafford (59)

3rd: Dave Snow & Scott Powers (60)

4th: Paul Barnard & Rodney Ebbighausen (61)

4th: Camilla Thacher & Janet Small (61)

4th: Frank Penny & Paul Fisher (61)

Closest to Pin:

#6; Jack Letourneau 7’10”

#7: Bob Schwartz 6″

#15: Mark Consolini 6’1″

#16: Dave Ghormley 5’8″

Longest Drive:

#9: Andy Wrobeleski 305 yards

#18: Anthony Consolini 315 yards

Gross Skins:

#3: Mark Consolini & Anthony Consolini (3)

#5: Jesse Morgan & Jason Kelton (3)

#7: Chad Softic & Shaun Kelleher (2)

#10: Peter Blake & Brad Stafford (3)

#13: Alex Towne & Andy Wrobeleski (2)

Net Skins:

#7: Chad Softic & Shaun Kelleher (1)

#8: Jack Letourneau & Brian Deane (2)

#10: Peter Blake & Brad Stafford (2)

#12: Peter Blake & Brad Stafford (1)

#13: Alex Towne & Andy Wrobeleski (2)

#15: Frank Penny & Paul Fisher (1)

#16: Chad Softic & Shaun Kelleher (1)

Member Guest 2019

Congratulations to all our Member Guest winners today! We had a great day celebrating with everyone!

1st Gross: Dave Johnson & Ric Serrenho: 70
2nd Gross: Noah Harrison & Mike Duclos: 72

1st Net: Norm Lacoy & Walt Sanieski: 59
2nd Net: Jim Cadran & Ed Marvell: 60

Closest to Pins:
#6: Noah Harrison: 3’9″
#7: Ric Serrenho: 5’3″
#15: Norm Lacoy: 8’7″
#16: Norm Lacoy: 22″

Longest Drive:
#9: Mike Duclos: 290 yards
#18: Brian Deane: 284 yards

Gross Skins:
#6: Noah Harrison/Mike Duclos (2)
#7: Brian Deane/Tim Brandl (2)
#8: Noah Harrison/Mike Duclos (3)
#16: Norm Lacoy/Walt Sanieski (2)

Net Skins:
#6: Noah Harrison/Mike Duclos (1)
#12: Janet Small/Bill Jemilo (2)
#13: George Hall/Gene Lacoy (2)
#16: Norm Lacoy/Walt Sanieski (1)

Special thanks to all who participated!

Northfield Open 2019

Congratulations to all our winners of this year’s Northfield Open! Special thanks to all who participated, it was a great day!

A Division:

1st: Dan Korpita 73
2nd: Mike Zaborowski 74
3rd: Jesse Morgan IV 76

1st: Mike Bishop 68
2nd: Paul Barnard 69
3rd: Tim Holmes 72

B Division:

1st: Fred Llewelyn 84
1st: Jim Miareti 84
1st: Kevin Lancto 84

1st: Jack Letourneau 70
1st: Jon Snow 70
1st: Steve Roy 70

Closest to Pin:
#6: Steve Ethier 12’8″
#7: Tim Holmes 7’8″
#15: Dan Korpita 10″
#16: Ken Gunn 12’1.5″

Longest Drive:
#9: Garrett Hasanbasic 290 yards
#18: Shane Foster 293 yards


#1: Mike Zaborowski: 3
#2: Dan Korpita: 3
#3: Paul Stelzer 3
#7: Matt Deane: 2
#15: Dan Korpita: 2
#17: Kevin Lancto: 3
#18: Jesse Morgan III: 3

#7: Matt Deane: 1
#8: Bob Perlman: 2
#9: Mike Korpita: 2
#15: Peter Blake: 1
#16: Ken Gunn: 1

League Play

Leagues are a great way to have fun golfing! We have several leagues to participate in throughout the week, please contact the club house with inquiries or requests!

Monday: Women’s League 10am, Skins League 5:00pm

Tuesday: Scramble League 2pm, Ladies League 4:30pm

Wednesday: Timmons League 2:30pm, Mud Hens 4:30pm

Thursday: Valley League 9:00am, Mixed League 4:30pm

Opening Date April 5th

We’re gearing up at the course and looking forward to another season!

Our projected opening day will be Friday April 5th this year! We’ll know closer to the date whether or not we’ll be letting carts out right away depending on the conditions.

See everyone soon!

Spring Membership Special

There’s still time to take advantage of our membership special!

We’re offering a 5% discount off any spring membership when paid in full by March 31st!

Check out our membership rates and call with any questions: 413-498-2432

Membership Application 2019


We’ll be opening as soon as weather and conditions permit – we hope to see you soon!