Hole Description

1. The course starts off with a 425-yard par 5. While possible to reach the green in two shots, it will take a long straight drive to avoid the trees on the left and heavy rough on the right. Second shots are usually taken with the green being visually out of sight. Bunkers to the right of the green are the final obstacle before putting to finish the hole.

2. The second hole is a very playable par 4. Straight drives are rewarded with nice rolls down a sloping fairway. The approach shot to the green needs some finesse to avoid tall natural grass on both sides of the green and the woods just beyond the green.

3. The third hole is rated the hardest on the course with good reason. Tee boxes are placed so that drives are not only uphill but over tall grass. Golfers prone to slicing need to aim left because rough and woods await you on the right. When on the green you’ll be either putting uphill or downhill to finish the hole.

4. A good drive will leave the golfer with a chip shot to the green. Areas to avoid on this hole are bunkers. Three bunkers are in front of the green. One on the left front and two on the right, one of which is rather steep. Medium rough is on the left, right and back of the green.

5. The longest whole of the course is a 445-yard slight dogleg right. Trees line both sides of the fairway with a bunker to the right of the green and road behind the green make accurate shots a must to par this hole.

6. The first of two par 3 holes on the course features a pond on your right stone walls on your left and a wrought iron bridge make this the most picture-perfect hole of the course.

7. The second par 3 hole is only 131 yards. Players tee off over the marshy end of a pond to a green that slopes uphill which makes this a short but interesting hole.

8. A dogleg right with tall natural grass to your right and an elevated tee box are features of the eighth hole. Avoiding a large bunker in front of the green is the final test before putting out on this hole.

9. The final hole of the course is one of the straightest approaches, but the descending then ascending fairway with bunkers on both sides of the green makes this the third hardest hole of the course.