Opening Day 2018

We’re excited to see the season come early this year! We are planning on an opening day of Wednesday April 4th if weather and conditions permit! We’ll be sure to keep you updated – looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!

Be sure to send in your 2018 membership by March 31st to receive the 5% spring discount!

Membership Application 2018


Fall Membership Offer!

New Member Special!

Pay $200 per person toward a 2018 membership and play the remaining 2017 season free!

There’s plenty of great golf weather left to enjoy! Give us a call for more details, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Two Ball Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Two Ball event this weekend, we had a great day! Congratulations to all our winners!
1st: Jason Kelton & Nate Burdick 63
2nd: Shane Foster & Matt Deane 66
3rd: Garrett Plifka & Nate Stavseth 68
3rd: Dan Korpita & Mike Korpita 68
1st: Rodney Ebbighausen & John Hodgman 61
1st: Dennis Bleau & Kevin Lancto 61
3rd: Scott Consolini & Derek Panaia 62
3rd: Jon Shea & Robert Shea 62
3rd: Richard Armetrout & Myron Holloway 62
3rd: Chad Softic & Rob Haigh 62
Closest to Pins:
#6: Jim Merati 5′
#7: Derek Panaia 3’2″
#15: Jim Merati 9’10”
#16: Pete Hayes 6’11”
Longest Drive:
#9: Jason Kelton 270 yards
#18: Kevin Wheeler 300 yards
Gross Skins:
#15: Garrett Hasanbasic & Ryan Hasanbasic 2
Net Skins:
#1: Tim Shippee & Ken Collett 2
#8: Shawn Kelleher & Ralph Cutter 2
#10: Mike Duclos & Carl Hoynoski 2
#11: Bob Schwartz & Mike Guertin 2
#13: Richard Armetrout & Myron Holloway 2
#15: Tim Shippee & Ken Collett 1
#17: Phil Desbien & Tom Rogers 2
#18: Pat Varner & Jason Yuryan 2

Swimming Lessons Available

We are offering swimming lessons in August! We will be offering Level 2 which is geared toward a younger child/beginners swimmers. We are offering this class next week August 7-11 Monday through Friday 11-11:50am for $45 per swimmer.

Just an overview of Level Two, Primary Skills:

Level Two is to give students success with fundamental skills and learn to float without support, and learn basic self-help rescue skills.

  1. Fully submerge head (hold 3 seconds)
  2. Retrieve objects in chest deep water
  3. Orientation to deep water with support
  4. Front and back float unsupported
  5. Unsupported back float or glide (5 seconds)
  6. Leveling off from a vertical position
  7. Rhythmic breathing (bob 10 times)
  8. Step-in entry and side exit
  9. Flutter kick on front/back
  10. Back crawl arm action
  11. Combined stroke front/back using kick/arm movements (5 yards)
  12. Turning over front/back, back/front
  13. Become familiar with rescue breathing
  14. Perform reaching & extension assist from deck
  15. Float in life jacket (1 minute face out of water)
  16. Assist non-swimmers to feet

We are offering this class next week August 7-11 Monday through Friday 11-11:50am for $45 per swimmer. We hope to be able to accommodate your child’s needs, please let us know if you have any questions or requests!


Northfield Open Results

Thank you to all our participants in our Northfield Open this weekend! Congratulations to all the winners!

A Division:
1st Gross: Jayme Coggin 70
2nd Gross: Dave Johnson 72
2nd Gross: Mike Zaborowski 72

1st Net: Bill Melo 67
2nd Net: Scott Colby 68
3rd Net: Mike Barnes 70
3rd Net: Greg Strycharz 70
3rd Net: Tim Holmes 70

B Division:
1st Gross: Rick Serrento 82
1st Gross: Dave Neason 82
1st Gross: Paul Barnard 82

1st Net: Tom Daley 70
2nd Net: JD Gexler 71
2nd Net: Scott Consolini 71

Closest to Pin:
#6: Jayme Coggin 6’6″
#7: Bill Skiba 7’11”
#15: Mike Zaborowski 8’5″
#16: Jayme Coggin 7’9″

Long Drive:
#9: Jeff Jackman 276 yards
#18: Tom Herzig 280 yards

Gross Skins:
#3: Mark Consolini (3)
#5: Lee Skiffington (3)
#12: Mike Korpita (3)
#15: Mike Zaborowski (2)
#16: Jayme Coggin (2)
#18: Tom Bergeron (3)

Net Skins:
#2: Ken Collett (2)
#3: Mark Consolini (2)
#5: Lee Skiffington (2)
#7: Ike Purington (1)
#8: Paul Miarecki (2)
#10: Brian Frank (3)
#11: Ken Collett (2)
#12: Mike Korpita (2)

Congratulations to all our winners!

Pool Opening 2017

Who else is thinking about the pool with this weather?! We plan on opening for the season on Saturday June 10, please stay tuned with all the updated information. We are offering our 10% discount for memberships received before June 1st this year. We’ve made some new upgrades we hope you enjoy! We’re looking forward to another great season ahead!

View our membership application for more information: Pool Membership Application 2017

As always, please give us a call with any questions or requests!

Season Opening 2017

Spring is finally here! We have our official opening day set for Friday April 14th this year! We’re excited to start the 2017 season and look forward to another year on the course! We have several new projects and improvements we’re excited to share with our members and guests!

We hope to see you soon! Give us a call at 413-498-2432 with any questions or requests!


Spring is officially here! We’re getting close, once weather permits we will be opening for the season. Please keep updated on our website or Facebook page for up-to-date info on our opening day!

We are currently offering our membership discount through March 31st! Take advantage of 5% off any single or family membership for the 2017 season! View our membership application here and feel free to call with any questions or requests 413-498-2432

Membership Application 2017

Thank you again, we look forward to another great season ahead, see you soon!!!


End of Season

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to offer an extended season! We will be officially closing for the 2016 season on Wednesday November 16th this year. Thank you to all of our members and guests who have made this year so great, we truly appreciate all your support. We have several projects ahead and look forward to the 2017 season together! See you soon!